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Northern Norway by boat

and much more...


Karmø is a 46ft (14m) long boat which is nowadays available for private charter in Bodø (Northern Norway). The boat was built by Ottisen Shipsjard in Sagvåg (located between Stavanger and Bergen) in 1935, and had been heavily used as a fishing boat until 1980s. It was then partly restored and rebuilt into a leasure boat. The boat's initial name was "Olav", while it is nowadays called "Karmø". This solid wooden two-masted ketch is the perfect vessel to cruise through the Norwegian Sea and showcase the spectacular views of Northern Norway.

Two cabins are located in front of the bridge. One has 3 setee/berth and a double berth and through it you come to another cabin with 4 berths. There is a large saloon with 9 sitting places behind the bridge. At the bridge there are 6 seating places. The boat is equipped with WC, shower and a galley. Beneath the bridge is a machineroom.

The Karmø was built and furnished in a way that emphasizes the cosy comfort of the Norwegian cottage favoring the use of natural materials. We minimize use of plastic and other chemical products both in construction and daily activities.

The boat is fully rigged with 6 sails: gaff-rigged main and mizzen, as well as jib, staysail, topseil and flying jib of totally 120 sqm.


Safety is our main priority, that is why Karmø is fully equipped pursuant to the latest international and Norwegian safety standards for passenger boats. Among other things, this includes floating dresses with proper thermal insulation, liferaft, emergency communication and location equipment.



The boat is avalible for private charter. We take max 6 persons who can sleep onboard or max 8 pers for day tours. See our tour examples and activities. Reservations via e-mail or by phone.


Does dreaming of hoisting sails and a weeks trip beyond the horizon sound familiar? Ten days between start and finish, where you are the only one to decide by which archipelago to anchor? 
Where the wind, the ocean and a calm bay for the night are the only things to matter?
I have worked enough through the polar night to leave for the sea in the summer with an easy heart. And you?





We fish for cod, halibaut, saithe, pollack, haddock, mackerel, tusk, ling and other species. We provide  fishing rods dimensioned for big ocean fish and other fishing equipment.

Staying onboard overnight


With a large salon, shower, WC, and sleeping places for at least 9 persons, you will undoubtedly feel youself comfortable. Additionally, we provide  free-of-charge access to 220v power, Wifi, towels, bedclothong, and hot water. 



When there is enough wind we always prefer using sails instead of motoring. The boat is fully rigged with 6 sails  of toatly 120 sqm. To have the most direct impression from sailing, we do not use winches and other modern eqipment: just hamper ropes and wooden blocks..



Hiking is a traditional activity for Norwegians. We can take you to the tops varying from several meters to 1,1 km above the sea level. Some tops are pleasant to walk to with a picknic basket while others are more challenging. Clean nature, magnificent views and a few people. all perfectly characterize our trails of choice.

Visiting remote islands


There are hundreds of islands scattered around Bodø. Some are populated, while many others are  untouched by civilization. Unacessible by cars, the islands are clean and quiet. We love and respect tiny communities of locals where doors do not need a lock. High mountains and wild sandy beaches are to be experienced with virtually no risk to meet any other people.

Birds and whale watching

Wildlife is everywhere around, from sea eagles to whales (some luck is sometimes needed).





4 hour fishing tour


We go fishing or sailing enjoing the scenery. From EUR 480 per boat.

All day long tour


We have enough time to visit one of the islands. We get fish and cook it. Sailing, sea eagles, magnificient views... From EUR 840 per boat.

3 day halibut hunting 


We go to one of the remote archepilagoes known for  its halibut fishing grounds. Chances to get one are high. The balance between fishing and other activities is up to you. Overnights onboard. From EUR 2400 per boat.

5 day tour to Lofoten 


Magic journey from Bodø to Lofoten and back. Stays at exotic places, wild life, variety of sailing experiences. Opportunities for hiking and fishing. From EUR 3360 per boat.

9 day hiking and sailing


We perform as a team onboard, exploring the world famous Lofoten Islands. Any activities at you choice. From EUR 5280 per boat.

Longer voyages


We are allways ready for an adventure. Everything is possible. Take contact.


“Great experience!! We got to help pull the ropes and put up the sails! Very fun and highly recommendable! A great adventure and nice place to stay!.” Amanda&Co

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