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Expedition 2022

Summer 2022 we will sail 1200 nautical miles in four legs:

- Leg 1:  July 2.-July 12. Bodø -Trondheim. 300 nm, 10 days. 

- Leg 2: July 13.-July 23. Trondheim - Bergen. 300 nm, 10 days.

- Leg 3: July 24.-August 3. Bergen - Trondheim. 300 nm, 10 days.

- Leg 4: August 4.-August 14. Trondheim - Bodø. 300 nm, 10 days.

COVID-19: We expect that it will be allowed to travel to Norway in July 2022. However if the borders are still closed at that time any prepayment will be fully refunded. 

Price for 10 days leg:

EUR 10 000 all inclusive*, up to 4 guests.

This is a private charter: you rent the whole boat. We have 9 sleeping places, but we emphasize comfort and individual attention to each of our guests, so we take max 4 passengers. No strangers will be added to your team.

As a starting point, no deposit or prepayment is required for early booking. If more than one client asks for booking the same leg, 20% deposit may be required to keep your reservation.

*Included: captain, living aboard, fuel, harbor fees, food, sailing lessons, fishing equipment. Not included: alcohol, restaurants ashore. 

Why sailing in Norway

- Thousands of islands and fjords providing shelter

- Wild nature

- Authentic historical places

- Midnight Sun

- High standards of living in every village

- Possibility to avoid people if you want

- Possibility to meet locals if you want

- Fishing 

What to expect

- Quiet sailing, mostly low speed, sometimes good speed under sails.

- Mostly calm sea, too much waves can be avoided.

- We explore villages and mountains when there is too much or too little wind.

- Nights in marinas or anchored at remote places.

Relaxing and/or Learning?

You define the balance between the two roles:

1) As a passenger, you enjoy relaxed sailing experience with much free time for observing the nature, taking pictures, reading etc.,

2) You may choose to learn how to set sails and navigate - we have a lot of time for both learning and practicing. 

       Any balance between these two opportunities is good! 

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